Radio Communications
Radio & TV Broadcasting and Satellite Communications
Test & Measurement Systems
Audio Visual / Image Projection Systems
RF Spectrum Monitoring
Signal Intelligence
Army & IT

Rohde & Schwarz Radio Communications Division designs, manufactures and markets HF, UHF and VHF radio communications equipment and systems for armies and other military services and organisations like the air force, navy, coast guard, police, customs and other multinational bodies.

Commercial Avionics

Rohde & Schwarz is contributing new ideas and emphasizing innovative technologies into the in-flight communication, i.e. long range voice and data communication.

Military Avionics

Now celebrating over 30 years in the design and development of airborne VHF/UHF radios and avionics equipment, Rohde & Schwarz moves into the twenty-first century introducing a world-class secure communications radio, the Series 6000.

Naval Systems

Communication systems ensure tactical and administrative communication within naval forces and help to effectively distribute and archive the increasing volume of information.

Air Traffic Control

Air traffic control and airport communications are critical to airport safety and economy. It keeps things running smoothly, for instance, during approach, landing and take-off, etc.

Air Defence

Rohde & schwarz provides comprehensive radio communication solutions for military air traffic control and provides reliable, protected and secure communication links (ground to air, air to ground) for all the different operations.

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